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I started my digital marketing career in 2002 as a search marketer doing SEO. After 18 years in corporate America (most recently as SVP of Digital Strategy and Analytics at a respected marketing agency), I left to become a full-time Professor of Marketing at Canisius College. 


At the same time, I started Gurubound: An online learning platform where I teach and coach entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, and content creators how to use digital marketing to accelerate their growth without feeling overwhelmed by information overload and without spending insane amounts of their time and money on agencies, ads or solutions that fail..


I can help you reach your financial goals faster by teaching you how to get your website to the top of Google so you start attracting consistent free traffic from Google without hiring an agency or investing insane amounts of your time and money.

marketers and content creators

You've been trying to do SEO on your own but it's overwhelming and worse, it's not working. I'll teach you how to do SEO successfully using the same proven method I've used for dozens of brands, big and small.


I've been teaching MBA-level and undergraduate-level students since 2012. I help business professors successfully transition their in-person classes into engaging, interactive online courses that help their students gain career-ready and life-ready skills.

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Make this your best semester yet! COVID has thrown a wrench in all our plans but there’s still a way to create engaging digital marketing courses for your students. Want my tips for creating engaging classrooms? Contact me below. 


Want the slides I presented at Profcon? Download them here >>

upcoming "search from scratch" seo course

Are you a business owner, marketer or content creator looking to get your website to the top of Google so you can drive a consistent stream of traffic? I’ve got the perfect solution for you. I have taught hundreds of businesses how to get to the top of Google–and in this program I’ll teach you howto do the same. Want to know more? Contact me below.

from my seo students

Mary is amazing. Honestly, I did not know how much I would gain out of this course until the last few weeks when I looked back at my action tracker and results. She really keeps you engaged in every single video and explains everything making It so easy to follow along and ACTUALLY learn the material. I highly recommend this course.

Andrea S.

Search optimization was very intimidating to me prior to this course, but this format -- specifically the hands-on action items-- really helped break down the language of optimization for me in a practical way. I really feel as though I understand what goes into an online optimization strategy and will be able to apply this to my business.

Eric D.

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Are you an educator or business looking to use digital marketing to get better results for yourself, your clients or your students? Let's talk.