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Ever wonder how search engines like Google and Bing rank websites? Or what determines how content such as videos, map results or local businesses get displayed? Welcome to the world of Search Marketing! We will learn about both the paid and non-paid (SEO) tactics it takes to rank in Google, and the data analytics behind it all.

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Welcome to Search Marketing! This course is going to be highly interactive, challenging and fun. Let’s dig in.

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  7. Okay now, let’s move on. Click on the Chapter called Welcome to GuruBound to complete this week’s assignments.

Welcome to GuruBound (due 1/28 11:59pm)

Marketing > Digital Marketing > Search Marketing (due 2/5 11:59pm)

Why We Search - ZMOT and Micro-Moments (due 2/11 at 11:59pm)

SEO: How Search Engines Work (due 2/20 at 11:59pm)

SEO Algorithms and Local Business SEO (due 2/26 by 11:59pm)

SEO for Video and YouTube (due 3/11 by 11:59pm)

SEO for Websites: Intro (due 3/27 by 11:59pm)

Optimizing Your Web Page - Project Part 1 (due 4/2 by11:59pm)

Optimizing Your Web Page - Project (due 4/19 by 11:59pm)

Paid Search – Project Part 1 (due 5/1 by 11:59pm)

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