Media Planning Essentials

Media planning is the process of strategically selecting a mix of media platforms to place ads over a period of time in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals. Media planners/buyers are in high demand in today's world. In this course, you will use a simulation to delve deep into the world of ad placement, inventory management, media flighting, analytics and reporting, and of course, delivering ROI for your business or your clients'.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction – How & Why this Textbook is a Unique Approach to Learning about Communications Planning

Chapter 2 – The Communications Planning Process

Chapter 3 – The Consumer Journey

Chapter 4 – Understanding Target Audiences

Chapter 5 – The Brief: Media’s Role in the Marketing Mix

Chapter 6 – Communications Plan Strategy: The Campaign Framework – Setting Campaign Objectives

Chapter 7 – Media Planning Basics: An Overview of the Underlying Media Theories and the Basic Terms and Calculations Necessary to Drive Efficient and Effective Connections Plans

Chapter 8 – The Types of Media – Online (or Traditional)

Chapter 9 – The Types of Media – Offline (or New/Emerging)

Chapter 10 – Communications Plan Strategy: Developing Communications Strategies

Chapter 11 – Communications Plan Strategy: Role of Communications

Chapter 12 – Communications Plan Strategy: Channel Selection

Chapter 13 – Creating an Integrated Connections Plan: Paid, Owned & Earned (Shared)

Chapter 14 – Touchpoint Impact by Task

Chapter 15 – Measurement & Metrics

Chapter 16 – Writing a Successful Connections Plan Recommendation

***Bonus*** – How to Stay-Up-to-Date on the Industry