Marketing Analytics

Today's marketers make decisions through data. In this course you will learn how to use tools like Google Analytics and spreadsheets to find, extract, organize and describe data to support business decisions. You will master how to derive customer insights from your data, develop spreadsheet models, and justify a course of action to management.

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Chapter 1 – An Overview of Marketing Analytics

Chapter 2 – An Introduction to Programming

Chapter 3 – Data Technologies

Chapter 4 – Accessing Marketing Data using Structured Query Language

Chapter 5 – Data Management Platforms

Chapter 6 – Extracting Meaning from Data on the Web

Chapter 7 – The Analytics of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Chapter 8 – AB Testing

Chapter 9 – Experimental Design in the Digital Age

Chapter 10 – Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 11 – Data Visualization

Chapter 12 – Management of Marketing Analytics

Chapter 13 – Analyzing the Results of AB Tests and Experiments

Chapter 14 – Marketing Mix Models

Chapter 15 – Moderation in Marketing Mix Models