How to Win Fantasy Football (and beat your friends!)

We all know that the best season of the year is football season, but what if I told you there was a way to make football season EVEN BETTER? By using my tips below, you can learn not only how to play fantasy football, but (more importantly) how to win fantasy football!

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Understanding Your Fantasy Football League

There are a lot of different ways that a fantasy football league can be organized. To win at fantasy football, you need to understand the rules of your league. Below are some common rules that should help you learn how to win.

a) PPR vs. non PPR : PPR stands for points per reception. In a league where there is PPR, players will receive points every time they catch a pass. As a result, players that catch a lot of passes are more valuable in a PPR league than a non PPR league.

b) 10 team vs. 12 team : In a 10 team league, there is much more talent available for each team because there are less teams that it has to be dispersed among. Therefore, elite players are more valuable in a 10 team league because anyone can get an average player relatively easily.

c) Snake Draft vs. Auction Draft : In a snake draft, there is a draft order that reverses each round. In an auction draft, players are put up for auction and owners must bid against one another for the players. Overall, snake drafts are much simpler and easier for beginners.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

The first step to winning your fantasy football league is to have the best draft possible! The draft is your best chance at acquiring elite fantasy football talent, and acquiring elite talent is ultimately how to win fantasy football. Here are some strategies that will help you start your team out on the right foot…

1. Wait to draft a quarterback

While the QB position is arguably the most important position for a real football team, it is one of the least important positions in fantasy football. Why? It’s a simple numbers game. In the NFL, 32 different QB’s start every single week. Since most fantasy football leagues only have 10 or 12 teams, only 10 or 12 QB’s start in a typical fantasy football league; meaning that there are nearly 3 QB’s for each team in the league!

2. Take running backs early and take them often

Unlike the NFL, where only one RB starts for every team, two RB’s start for every team in fantasy football. This causes a shortage of talent at the RB position, which drives up their value. Since most RB’s touch the ball at least 15-20 times a game, they also have the potential to put up a ton of points! For this reason, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your RB’s stack up well against the opposition. I often recommend taking three RB’s within the first five rounds.

3. Diversify your talent

One way to do this is by selecting players from multiple different teams! If you have too many players on the same team, your players are competing against one another for touches and snaps. The more spread out your players are, the more opportunities you have to score points. An added bonus to this is that by choosing players on different teams, you also won’t run into having issues with players having the same bye weeks.

4. Balance risk with reward

Draft a mixture of high and low risk players. High risk players are players that are capable of putting up a lot of points, but are also risky in the sense that they could put up very few points. Low risk players don’t have the potential to score a ton, but they are consistent and can be relied up on to put up an average score every week. If you are going to win in fantasy football, you need a mixture of players with high floors and high ceilings to limit your downside risk.

5. Don’t worry about a defense or a kicker

Your kicker and your defense should be your last two picks in almost every single draft. Why? Because the difference between having the best kicker/defense and the worst kicker/defense is minuscule over the course of the entire season. There just isn’t enough value in either position to justify taking one of them over players at other more valuable positions, such as RB and WR.

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The Importance of the Waiver Wire

Even if you don’t have the best original draft, there is no reason to sweat! The waiver wire can be an extremely effective way to add cheap talent and turn your season around. Here are some tips to managing waivers in your league…

  1. Use Twitter and other news outlets to get the latest news as quickly as possible! Waiver wires are often first come, first serve. The advantage of getting information before the competition is absolutely crucial if you want to add the best free agents to your team.
  2. Use the waiver wire to pick up backups to your starters! That way, if your starter gets injured, you will still have a quality player to put into your lineup.
  3. Weigh the costs of picking up a player versus the benefits! Sometimes it may not make sense to add any players to your roster because they may not be better than the players you already have.

Picking the Best Fantasy Football Lineup

Half the battle of fantasy football is building a roster with talented players on it. The other half of the battle is picking the right players to start! Here are some tips to help make those decisions a little easier next season…

  1. Look at the match-ups! A player is more likely to score a large amount of points when they are playing a poorly ranked defense.
  2. Check the injury report! If a player is listed as questionable or doubtful, there is a decent chance that they either won’t play or won’t be productive.
  3. Predict the weather! Rain and snow can really play a large role on preventing your players from putting up the points you would expect.

Daily Fantasy Football

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