Shopping tips for girls on a budget…

This page is for anyone who, like me has a slight shopping addiction. The price of women’s clothes just seems to be going up and up, especially if you want good quality. As we get older and take on more bills and responsibilities, life gets hards. I have realized that things are not cheap especially when shopping for clothes. We all wish we could go back to the days where our parents would drop dollars on some fresh clothes for school. Those good old days for us are long gone, now I have some tricks up my sleeve to share with you so…. get ready to shop till you drop!

  1. Discount Stores
  3. Collect your Coupons
  4. Used works too!!
  5. Check out what bloggers are buying!

1. Take advantage of discount stores…

If you’re like me and have a way to expensive taste for your bank account then you need to be shopping at discount stores or on their websites for clothes. These sites have saved me hundreds of dollars on clothes!

Nordstrom Rack

Saks Off Fifth Ave

TJ Maxx


2. Don’t be afraid to shop the sale rack!

Everything’s always changing, whether it be the season or the style things are always getting switched around and going on sale! This is something you should take full advantage of when shopping on a budget! Some stores even have a yearly huge sale, where everything is discounted. Urban Outfitters, may seem super expensive but they always have a sale going. Even, Zara has its sale, Nordstrom has their anniversary sale, even Lululemon goes on sale on boxing day! But even, when these places aren’t having huge discounts, they still have an awesome clearance section! So you need to be taking advantage of these deals!

3. Coupons and Rewards cards are a must!

There are so many ways to take advantage of coupons now especially with all the different apps and emails. Being college is the major discount you need to be taking advantage of every time you shop! So many stores offer a student discount nowadays and if you’re not sure don’t hesitate to ask! It makes sticking to a shopping budget even easier! Target has Cartwheel and they always have incredible discounts on clothes and shoes! There are still even those loyal stores that send mail coupons all the time, like Express and American Eagle! Make sure you’re saving those coupons because they can save you some big $$ in the end! To save money online shopping make sure you’re signing up for mailing list or searching for promo codes because chances are you’ll find one! Also, make sure you sign up for the free rewards programs! Those give you exclusive coupons and deals when you spend a certain amount of money! Urban Outfitters offers rewards like $5 off your purchase when you have enough points!

4. Try Used!

I know it’s not ideal to wear other peoples clothes, but you can find some great things at consignment stores, and on websites like Poshmark and Tradsey! A lot of things from these places or sites are even brand new or never worn! I have found so many designer items at my local consignment store! It’s a great way to cut your shipping budget while still remaining fashionable!

5. Bloggers are in!

Now with all the different types of social media apps, there are more ways than ever to be connected. This new wave has allowed bloggers and influencers to show us a whole new world. I follow so many bloggers on Instagram, and I even use the LiketoKnowIt app where they link of there clothes. There are a lot of bloggers who have expensive things but there are just as many who shop at stores just like you and me! They make it easy to find cute clothes, while not breaking the budget! They even give you cute ways to style them! There are also hundreds of YouTubers who do try on hauls so, if you’re sketched out by the clothing store that keeps popping up in your Facebook ads chances are someone has ordered from them and done a try on haul! Check these out they can be super helpful when shopping!