How to Bake Delicious and Easy Cupcakes

Do you want to know how to bake amazing cupcakes? Follow our tips to bake delicious cupcakes! Make your home a bakery with these simple tips!

Baking can be very nerve-wracking and stress people out, but it doesn’t always need to be that way! Follow these steps and tips to bake easy & delicious cupcakes! My hope is that whenever you start to bake instead of becoming stressed, instead you enjoy yourself and the process! By no means am I a professional baker, but I do hope some of the tips given will be able to help you the next time you decide to bake cupcakes!

Let’s Start Baking Cupcakes!

First and foremost, make sure your baking area is clean! This will help keep the entire process progressing smoothly and ensure the utmost cleanliness. It is also helpful to have all the items out you need for your recipe such as oil, eggs, your pans, etc. This is also a good time to wash your hands before you start and wipe down any nearby surfaces.

Whether you choose to bake cupcakes from a recipe on the back of a box, an old family recipe, or a recipe you found online, make sure you take your time and follow all the steps. Pinterest is a great place to find recipes, here is one chocolate cupcake recipe I love! For this example, I will be baking Funfetti cupcakes from a box. I can’t wait to surprise my family with these when they return home, but my sister did request the specific ones I am making so I can’t wait for her to try them!

Before I start combining all the components for this recipe, first I recommend placing your cupcake liners into the pan. For baking cupcakes, I would advise using a muffin/cupcake pan. This way your cupcakes will be able to hold their shape while baking and be easy to take out when done. The liners you use don’t really matter, but since spring is right around the corner I chose to bake these cupcakes in light, pastel-colored liners. Before I place the liners into the pan though, use no-stick cooking spray on the pan. Use a small amount of spray, the liners should not get wet or damp once placed. This spray will ensure that when the cupcakes are done they will come out very easily and be ready to enjoy!

cupcake liners

Measure Out Your Ingredients

It is crucial to know how much of each ingredient you need and the temperature the cupcakes need to be baked at. I recommend while you start measuring out your ingredients to start pre-heating your oven, for this recipe I will be setting my oven at 350 °F. It is best to combine your ingredients into a large mixing bowl as well. The recipe also recommends using a hand mixer, but I will be mixing by hand. This is what I find to be the easiest for me, but mix with whatever makes you the most comfortable! The box recipe I am using requires these ingredients:

  • The pre-packaged mix
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of oil
  • 3 whole eggs OR 4 egg whites
  • Also, if you want to substitute the eggs you can use 1/4 cup of greek yogurt
  • Or if you want to substitute the oil you can use 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce

Bake Your Cupcakes!

After I have mixed all of the ingredients together for about 2 minutes, I can pour the mix into the cupcake liners. It is important to make sure you are pouring a consistent amount into each liner and not over or under-pouring into one of the liners. It is easiest to start with a smaller amount in each and then add more as you go on. Now, the batter can be evenly distributed among all of the liners!

If your mix isn’t pouring well, as in it appears too lumpy, has too much liquid, or is too stiff, refer back to the ingredient list. If the batter is inconsistent, make sure the ingredients were combined properly! It is best to make sure that you are baking with the correct proportions now, rather than when they come out of the oven and don’t appear correct.

Now, when all of the cake batter is poured into the cupcake liners, you can place the pan into the oven. Always remember to be safe around the oven, here is a site with tips on how to be safe with your oven! For baking cupcakes, it will take 19-23 minutes for them to be done. So, what I will be doing is setting an alarm for 21 minutes. I chose the halfway mark between the two so I can ensure they do not get overbaked, but if undercooked can let them stay in longer.

cupcakes baking

What Now?

While the cupcakes are baking, I would recommend starting cleaning up your work area! This way you will have less to clean up later and have more room to work. It is best to put away any extra ingredients I had out, cleaning my mixing bowl, and wiping down my area from any spills or splatters I may have encountered. At this time I will also get toothpicks out to use later!

Once done with cleaning, I will get my frosting ready. For these cupcakes, I chose the matching Funfetti frosting per my sister’s request, but whatever frosting you like will be great! If you want to make the frosting by hand, here is a directory with some amazing recipes!

Out of the Oven

Okay, so the 21 minutes have passed and now my toothpicks will come in handy! One of the oldest tricks in the book, carefully take a toothpick and stick it into one of the cupcakes while they are still in the oven. If the toothpick comes out clean, then they are done! If they come out with batter on them, the cupcakes need to bake longer, and I will set another timer for 3 minutes and continue to check on them.

When they are completely baked, it is most important to allow the cupcakes time to cool! Place them on a baking rack or if you do not have one a stove top. Make sure your cupcakes are entirely cooled before they are frosted. So I will set another timer for 10 minutes to allow the cupcakes to cool. During this extra time, I will continue cleaning if there is still a mess or put items away that I no longer need.

Frost the Cupcakes!

This is almost everyone’s favorite part, frosting! Since I am just baking these cupcakes for my family, I will not be frosting in a particular manner. I won’t be using a piping tip, just a normal knife! I just try to distribute the frosting evenly among the cupcakes. When frosted I will be putting sprinkles on top!

If you want a clean look with a piping tip, I would recommend watching a video for specific insights. Here is one that I think is great for beginners!

Enjoy the Baked Cupcakes!

Now your cupcakes are ready to enjoy! It is best to store them in a cool place so the frosting won’t melt. I will be placing mine on a dish so my family can grab them whenever they want to! Be careful if you place them in a container, we wouldn’t want your treats to get squished!

I hope from this you were able to learn that baking doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Instead, it can be a fun and exciting one instead! I am so happy that I am able to bake small things like cupcakes for my family. I believe something small like this is a great gift for someone. Baking cupcakes also is a great reminder that you care for someone!

If you found these tips helpful, please feel free to share this post on FaceBook or on any social media! Thanks so much for reading!

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