Funny Movie Reviews: Absurd Movie Critiques

Tired of reading dry movie reviews posted by professional critics? Look no further! These funny movie reviews are for the critics that matter, us common-folk!

Bee Movie Movie Review

National Treasure Movie Review

Shrek Movie Review

Princess Diaries Review

Now for the reviews…

Bee Movie Trailer

Bee Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Score: 50%

The Bee Movie definitely didn’t get the credit it deserved. When I watched this movie it checked all my boxes! It was hilarious and witty. It explored the impending problem of bee extinction, and it had talking bugs. Jerry Seinfeld really outdid himself as the voice of Barry. I’m not sure if it was his dry humor or smooth voice, but I think he should voice-over for every animal movie — or just read me bedtime stories. The abuse of bees is a very serious problem. They really brought it home when they showed evil humans smoking out bee families in their motel-style houses. Consider my heart-strings pulled. Ok, so, Bee Movie got really bad reviews and my theory is that everyone who gave it a thumbs down never smiles. All in all, I love this movie and will defend it to the ends of the earth.

National Treasure Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Score: 45%

Talk about a national treasure! Although this movie received bad reviews it’s truly a masterpiece. As soon as the credits rolled I wanted to steal the Declaration of Independence myself! It evoked curiosity and made me want to learn about America’s history more than AP Gov ever did. When you watch this movie you feel a thousand times smarter. I seriously thought I could pull off the world’s most difficult heist with ease as long as I had a computer geek friend. Plus, the treasure hunt element of the movie brought back childhood memories galore. I give this movie a 10/10 and will pass it down to my grandchildren as if it were my own story, and I was played by Nicholas Cage.

Shrek Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Score: 88%

This movie was an instant classic. I have never watched a movie and laughed, cried, or dangled in suspense more. It was masterfully made and every aspect of it made for the perfect movie. Movies are meant to be enjoyed and leave you with something special. There is nothing more special than learning the meaning of friendship, acceptance, and loving yourself from a couple of ogres and a talking donkey. You already know my stance on talking animals, it’s the pinnacle of cinema. This movie is life-changing and if you haven’t watched it yet, please go and rent it from your local library.

Princess Diaries Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Score: 47%

I want to start this movie review with my disappointment in the people around the world who contributed to it’s terrible review. So you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to find out you were a princess with unimaginable wealth and power? That’s what I thought. This movie helped shape my childhood and fed into my unrealistic dream of this exact scenario happening to me (I’m still waiting, Julie Andrews…). Anne Hathaway does an amazing job in this and deserves every award out there for portraying those awkward teenage years perfectly. My only critique would be m&m’s on pizza should be illegal. Fin!