Easy Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Everybody wants a alcoholic drink for those nights out, the only thing is we want our drink to taste good, and be strong enough that you don’t have to drink numerous cocktails. Many recipes available online, will require expensive liquor, to many ingredients, or more syrups/fruits then alcohol. These recipes ensure that you will have a fun night and not have to consume many cocktails through the night to keep a buzz. The alcoholic recipes I utilize use more alcohol for the recipes then all the extra add ons. Meanwhile still allowing the beverage to taste good. Through numerous experimenting I have come across great alcoholic drink recipes, to ensure you receive a great buzz from a tasty drink. As result all the following alcoholic drink recipes are easy to follow, utilize minimal ingredients, and can be adjusted upon your individual taste buds. I hope one of the following recipes will be the start to a great night.

alcoholic drink recipes

Recipe 1: Alcoholic Punch

This drink is created for a single person, and for the person who wants the affects of tequila but may not be able to handle the taste of tequila. With adding a flavored Rum to the mix it gives it a new dimension. Choose your favorite flavor that will bring the drink in the right direction you like. Feel free to add grenadine syrup or cut fruits in the end to make taste grater, or feel free to leave it out if you like how it taste with just orange juice.


  • Tequila – Jose Cuervo
  • Choose your flavored Rum – Bacardi (Pineapple, Mango, dragon fruit)
  • Orange Juice
  • Grenadine
  • Cut fruit – Pineapple, Mango, strawberry


Use a 16 oz glass, pour two shots of Tequila, and two shots of Rum. Next add orange juice to fill the glass 75%. Lastly taste the drink, depending on how that taste add the right amount of grenadine and cut fruit to the glass.

Recipe 2: Alcoholic Lemonade

This drink is refreshing, and is for the wine drinker who wants wine, but needs the proof of vodka present. Adding the vodka to the white wine give you a greater buzz, and adding lemonade and fruits will make it the perfect refreshing drink you are looking for.


  • White wine – Barefoot
  • vodka – Titos
  • Lemonade
  • fruits


To avoid watering down your drink, pre-chill your liquids. Utilize a pitcher for this recipe. First pour half the pitcher with the white wine, and add 1 Cup of vodka. Next add lemonade till filled, depending on taste feel free to add your Fruits to the mix.

Recipe 3: alcoholic smoothie

Its not exactly a margarita. We love margarita, especially a frozen one. Feel free to substitute the vodka for tequila if that is the mood you are looking for. If you are looking for a screwdriver smoothie vibe, ad vodka with orange juice and add mixed fruits to get a great alcoholic smoothie taste.


  • Frozen fruits
  • Vodka – titos
  • orange juice
  • ice


Begin with adding two or three shots of vodka (depending how tipsy are you trying to get) fill rest of the blender with orange juice, frozen fruits, and ice of your choice. (assuming you are using a single serve magic bullet blender, if you are using a larger blender proportions may change)

Rum responsible

After tasting these drinks, how do you feel? If you only had one drink and you feel the buzz as well as you enjoyed drinking the beverage your welcome. The following beverage are designed to give you a great buzz that will transcend through your night. These drinks were not designed for the purpose for you to consumer several in one night to ensure a black out, because those nights are never fun. Drink responsibly or as I like to say Rum responsibly. Alcoholic drinks are meant to get you drunk, and to enjoy your night, they are not designed to send you to the hospital, so drink in moderation.