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Gurubound is an online learning platform where I teach and coach entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, and content creators about how to use search engine optimization (SEO) so you can get your website to the top of Google and accelerate your growth without feeling overwhelmed by information overload and without spending insane amounts of your time and money on ads or services that fail.

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You know your product or service is top-notch. If only more people knew about it! You don't know if you should start buying ads, hiring an agency or what. I'll show you how to attract free traffic from Google like clockwork, so you can make the impact (and the money) you always dreamed of.


You've been trying to do search engine optimization (SEO) on your own but it's overwhelming and worse, it's not working. I'll teach you how to do SEO successfully using the same proven method I've used for dozens of brands, big and small. Simple, transparent, measurable SEO.


You're already writing beautiful content, but the problem? No one's reading it. There's a better way. I'll teach you my secret Magnet Method which has helped hundreds of companies attract massive amounts of traffic and turn them into leads and customers. Let's make it happen.


could seo be the catalyst for your business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is free advertising on Google. When your website is at the top of Google’s free listings, you get free clicks > free traffic to your site > and that means more leads, more sales, more customers for your business. I’ve been doing SEO since 2002 and have helped hundreds of brands get their message to the top of Google. I can help you get there too.


When I started doing search marketing in 2002, few people knew how to spell SEO. I went on to spend 18 years in corporate America, most recently as SVP of Digital Strategy and Analytics at a respected marketing agency. 


I left that job to become a full-time college professor and educator. Now, I teach hundreds of marketers and businesses how to get to their websites to the top of Google so they can start attracting consistent free traffic from Google without hiring an agency or investing insane amounts of their time and money


In my SEO program, I’ll teach you exactly how you can use my secret Magnet Method to attract warm leads and eager audiences who are hungry to buy from you. Contact me and I’ll send you all the details, or sign up for my SEO tips.

And yes, I can do your SEO for you!

Brands I've Worked With

From my SEO clients and students

Mary is amazing. Honestly, I did not know how much I would gain out of this program until I looked back at my action tracker and results tracker. Holy smokes! We've 10x our traffic and business!

Andrea S.

Search optimization was very intimidating to me prior to working with Mary, but her format and her energy -- and the way she breaks everything down-- really changed our business. We had to open up another warehouse to handle the influx of sales.

Eric D.

Are you a BUSINESS OWNER, marketer or content creator looking to accelerate your growth with seo? Let's talk.

by the way, ARE YOU AN EDUCATOR?

Snag my Profcon slides below. I help business professors successfully transition their in-person classes into engaging, interactive online courses that help their students gain career-ready and life-ready skills. I’ve been teaching MBA-level and undergraduate-level students since 2012, and have helped my students launch their digital marketing careers.

Mary's best SEO tips, delivered to your inbox.